Amazing scenery, unspoilt nature. Historical sights, friendly people and of course great weather combine to make a cyclists paradise.

We have organised a whole package of bike tours in and around the south coast of Turkey. This range from fun riders, for beginners or those wanting to take it easy, through the full spectrum to advanced, challenging rides for the hard cyclists.

We also do a fabulous Manavgat Tour with them in and around Manavgat, which included some very picturesque routes in the hills around the town and a wonderful ride with some locals around, some beautiful reservoirs and through a lovely pine forest.

The following routes all can be started from our accommodation in Side.
Our routes are praded a below, with enough tracks in the area to offer a full week of riding at the grade you ride.

Our Guides:
Our Guide-Instructors are Turkish-born and fluent in English. They all posses extensive knowledge of the culture and customs, local history, geography, wine and food of various areas in Turkey. Shall you want and they are willing to share this knowledge with you.

Self guided bike tours offer all the independence and adventure, while avoiding most of the hassles, of do it yourself bicycle tours. While all the lodging is taken care of, where meals are taken care of, where you don't have to go some place and you don't want to be with a group of strangers with different abilities and interest than your own.

These tours are created to meet client’s fitness and desires, so usually you have choices of riding 1 km. to 100 km. a day. We will fit bike for you, explain to you where to go and where or what to eat, what to see and give you information about local structure and history which was going on along on route.

Also we are providing a map with market routes. Basically everything is taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the magnificent Turkey countryside Taurus Mountain or coastal line with Mediterranean see side on a bike riding at your own pace.

These scheduled tours are fully guided by one tour leaders and supported.

Join us on a bike tour where our local tour leader will take you off the beaten path, so you will have a chance to experience and bike through some of the most authentic terrain, eat proper regional food and see some of the things which are not easily accessible by ordinary tourist. Cycle along quite back roads, socialite with locals and enjoy in our country.

***Or we can just rent you a bike and suggest where to pedal in order to visit some of the highlights of Antalya Turkey. ***

 1 - Seleucia:
 Mainly well surfaced tracks not strenuous.
 Distance  25 km.
 Effort  Medium
 Technical difficulty  Easy

 2 - Manavgat Lake:
 A lowly introduction to the mountains of the area. Enjoying wonderful scenery.
 Distance  35 km.
 Effort  Medium
 Technical difficulty  Easy

 3 - Oymapınar Dam:
 This is a stunning route, with great atmosphere, super countryside and some wonderful single and double  track riding.
 Distance  40 km.
 Effort  Medium / Hard (Depends on start point)
 Technical difficulty  A bit of everything

 4 - Seleucia – Oymapınar:
 Downhill. Some big climbs mean some big descents. Also some of the most technical riding that we guide on.
 Distance  45 km.
 Effort  Hard
 Technical difficulty  Technic rider

 5 - Evrenseki Hill:
 This is a rest warm down way. Mainly down hill or flat. Interesting scenery and some great single track.
 Distance  35 / 50 km.
 Effort  Easy / Hard
 Technical difficulty  Medium / Difficult

 6 - Ancient Side Coast:
 One of the best ways to get to know a city is bicycle. Bike Turkey offers tours though historical Side.
 See all the major sights around the centre on this guided tour from Side. Side biking tour.
 Distance  25 km.
 Effort  Medium
 Technical difficulty  Easy

 7 - Downhill:
 Fantastic route. Wonderful technical single track with a descent 2000 m. of vertical height loss from Taurus Mountains.
 The route is starting from Ibradi to Manavgat 75 km.
 Distance  90 km.
 Effort  Hard
 Technical difficulty  Technic Rider


 8 - Roadbike Tour:
 These tours are basically meant for individual bikers and clubs using race bikes and cycling long distance tracks on roads.

 For these cyclists we can provide quality accommodation in specialist hotels, storage rooms,
 workshops for bicycle maintenance,  food arrangements and fitness facilities, on-road support with
 backup vehicles, itinerary consuting with maps.


This unique pension is located among the pine forest.
You can stay there and after breakfast you may find many trails without biking on highway.


Tell us what you want and we will make it happen. Contact Us


Kumkoy (Side) - Salur - Kumkoy Route

Side - Upper & Lower Oymapinar Dam (Manavgat) Route

Side - Titreyengol - Manavgat Route

Colakli Small Tour


You can find alternative bike trails in Side - Manavgat region at:


  • Antalya Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Side Manavgat
  • Antalya Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Side Manavgat
  • Antalya Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Side Manavgat
  • Antalya Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Side Manavgat
  • Antalya Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Side Manavgat
  • Antalya Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Side Manavgat
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